The Team

Dr Damo in the office

Dr Damo in the office

Dr Damien Cooper (Osteopath)

Hey there, my name is Damien Cooper and I’m from Lismore, a small city in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.  I'm the owner and one of the Osteopaths at The Movement Improvement Clinic. I've relocated down to the prosperous and beautiful city of Newcastle to begin helping others achieve their goals through education, osteopathic treatment and movement training.

A little history on me

Growing up I always had a great love for sports and music and formed great friendships around these hobbies. Through these avenues I found that I really loved to teach and help people with self care and improvement. Knowing this I decided that studying a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine in my hometown would be the perfect way to channel my passions. Five years, a bachelor and masters degree later I've found a new home in Newcastle and have been gifted the opportunity to be able to start my own practice out of  The Movement Collective.

Dr Dan in the office

Dr Dan in the office

Dr Daniel Hodgins (Osteopath)

My name is Dan and I have teamed up with Damien here at The Movement Improvement Clinic. I have travelled down from Brisbane where I was practising as an associate osteopath for just over 2 years. I look forward to meeting many new faces in my new home of Newcastle.

A brief history of my journey

I grew up in Sydney until I moved over to Colorado when I was in high school and finished out my schooling. I developed a love for snowboarding during my 8 years in Colorado and it’s something I still love doing at every chance.

I went on from high school to study a trade which lead me to becoming a fully licensed motorcycle mechanic. During my years on the tools and working with my hands I developed a passion for the human body and how it functioned. This lead me into becoming a Personal Trainer which was the doorway for my journey into the world of health. Transitioning away from working with motorbikes to working with people was where I discovered the direction I wanted my life to head in.

After a couple of years in PT I made the decision to study my Masters in Osteopathy and have not looked back since.