Rx 1

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a thorough Osteopathic assessment and examination to gain insight into your body functionality.

This will involve a 15 minute conversation with the Osteopath asking a broad range of questions regarding your health and medical history. This can include anything else that relates specifically to your reason for booking (whether it’s for acute injury management, chronic pain or to improve your body’s general function).

We will then move to an assessment of your body’s movement and function. The practitioner will ask you to perform some movements and guide you through some specific orthopaedic tests, and then use a hands on approach in assessment in order to detect and diagnose any potential dysfunctions.

Once a diagnosis is clear then we can commence Osteopathic treatment. This most commonly involves soft tissue work such as myofascial release and massage, stretching and muscle energy techniques, as well as joint articulation and adjustments. The treatment method is tailored to you with alternative techniques always on option if preferred. 

The final part of the session is prescription of any required self management techniques. It’s common in this part of the session be given exercises, stress management techniques and to clarify that you understand what is happening and how we are going to move towards your health and movement goals! This is the chance to get clarity on anything you don’t understand so ASK QUESTIONS. 

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Return Consultation

The return consultation is a follow up to our first visit. We want to keep you progressing in the right direction and it is proven that further treatment and clarification/prescription of exercise can help achieve this. We also want to ensure your understanding of what is happening with your body and the process of getting to our established goals.

Having multiple return consultations before seeing solid results is common but every case is unique. This is also to avoid whatever issue your having to become recurring and evolve into a chronic issue. It’s key that we reach our common goal which is to be self management and independence. Essentially we are aiming to get to a point where it‘s no longer necessary for you to come into the clinic because you’re back at you’re best!

Group Rx

Group Rehabilitation Classes*

These classes are specifically for patients who have previously booked a consultation and have already been provided tailored programming and exercises to target their needs, weaknesses and goals.

The classes are 45 minutes long and are provided so patients can have exposure to the Osteopath while completing their rehab as part of a small group of up to 5 people. This creates an engaging environment with a cohesive and motivating group dynamic.

*(These classes are only offered to TMC members)